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Harvey Thomas CBE 


Harvey Thomas CBE is the Chairman of FEB and was a Founder Member of FEB in 1991 and of the "International Advisory Committee to the National Religious Broadcasters". In 2000 Harvey received the NRB International Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in International Broadcasting". 

Harvey worked as Director of Press and Communications for Margaret Thatcher for 14 years and prior to that served Billy Graham for 15 years as Conference Organiser.

Harvey has unparalleled world-wide knowledge and experience, both with interdenominational Christian Broadcasting and with the Media world as a whole. He has worked extensively with all the major Broadcasting Organisations in Europe, from the BBC to the European Broadcasting Union. 

He can offer the following services: 

·         Lobbying:- Legal and Practical Discussions with appropriate Sectors.

·         Developing Contacts with European and National Broadcasting Companies and Networks.

·         Liaison and negotiation with the European Union and European Parliament.

·         Researching Church, Broadcasting and Technical Developments. Facilitating Liaison and Joint Ventures between American and European Christian Broadcasters (with the EuroNet Database as a resource).

Harvey works in a voluntary capacity and gives generously of his time. If you would like to make a gift towards his expenses please complete a Donation Form. Any gifts given will be used exclusively for this purpose.


For more about Harvey visit www.hthomas.net/cv.htm or Click here for Harvey's Biographical information.

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