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Sinners and Saints (2010) online
Into the Abyss (2011) online










Eric Celerier, Co-Founder of, reports that one of the KnowingGod (ConnaitreDieu) websites has just passed 10 million decisions for Christ. See this youtube clip. Eric is currently writing the story of and TopChrétien and plans to publish the book in France by the end of 2015. is building a global discipleship platform called CODEX (Cooperative Online Discipleship EXperience). It is already working in 10 languages in Europe but it is not yet in English.

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FEB connects European Christian Broadcasters and individuals in Broadcasting and Communications with our "Global Media Partners" throughout the world.  Our Email News "Snippets" circulates broadcasting news and information from all parts of the world to 5000+ Individuals in over 100 countries in the world. Our latest Snippets are available here and please visit our FEB Facebook Page. 



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